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Rusty at PAMM for installation of Beatriz Milhazes


Rusty poses with a Beatriz Milhazes at the Perez Art Museum Miami during unpacking and installation. Gloves Match the painting!

The Beatriz Milhazes show; Jardim Botanico is open now and runs until Jan. 11, 2015. For more details click on the link below:

Meet up in Raleigh!


Corey, Rusty, Ruth Cox,  Great lunch and visit to North Carolina Museum of Art!


Rustin Gives a Talk at the Smithsonian


Seeing Through Paintings: An Insider’s View – Conservation Talk

Monday, October 6, 2014, 6pm

Rustin and Harriet Working in the Louise Nevelson Chapel at St. Peters Church

Harriet and Rustin, working as consultants to the Objects Conservation Studio LLC , are testing a fragment from the Louise Nevelson Chapel at St. Peters Church.

Louise Nevelson Chapel, Detail.


detail candle holder, Louise Nevelson.

ArtCare Miami Visits CIFO collection

Artcare Miami staff visits with the new Director of CIFO Jesus Fuenmayor to review several works in Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation.

Below Jesus and Collections Manager Diego Machado discuss the collection with Rustin.

During our visit we had the added bonus to have artist Arturo Cuenca talk about his work to Jesus,  Diego, and Veronica.

Sharing Expertise Behind the Scene

It's Rustin deep within the cavernous storage space at the Zimmerli in New Brunswick New Jersey,  condition checking numerous paintings after lecturing to the Mellon fellows.


Examining a Nevelson Sculpture at St. Peter's

Here is Rustin with New York studio director Harriet Irgang Alden, examining the sculptures of Louise Nevelson within The Chapel Of The Good Shepherd at Saint Peter’s Church in mid-town Manhattan.

Rusty At Wellesley Reunion

We thought we would share a a few images from Rusty's Reunion at Wellesley College with her friends and alumni including the awesome Hillary Rodham Clinton!

Harriet Gives A Talk On The Famous Maxfield Parrish "Pied Piper"

This year AIC was held in the beautiful San Francisco, CA. where Harriet gave a talk on her treatment of the world famous Maxfield Parrish "Pied Piper". This was an ideal opportunity for her lecture as the mural was minutes away from where the conference was held.

Below Hariet describes the treatment that was done to the mural during its brief stay in New York City before it was returned to its original location at its name-sake bar inside the Palace Hotel.

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