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Working With Artist Roger de Montebello


Artist Roger de Montebello signs his work after the team from Rustin Levenson Art Conservation on Miami assisted with stretching and flattening the painting.

Artist Roger de Montebello with conservators Veronica Romero-Gianoli and Kelly O'Neill.

New Conservation Fellow In Miami

Kelly O’Neill, a graduate of the Queens University Master of Art Conservation Program, is working with the Miami studio this fall. Kelly did her pre-program internship in the studio and has also worked in the conservation department of the National Gallery of Canada.

Conserving Soviet Era Nonconformist Art at the Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Jean Dommermuth inpaints Pink Door by Mikhail Roginsky.

Recent On-Site Work At VMFA

 Here is Rustin at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, working on a Nigerian painting from 1973, by the artist Twins Seven Seven.

18th Century Portraits Receive TLC at the Cummer

 Here, Rusty looks after a portrait of Francis Jones, the President, Commander-in- Chief, and Vice Admiral of Bermuda, 1752, by the artist Joseph Blackburn     


Toning a Pier de Franciso de Jacomo Foschi Portrait

The Cummer Museum in Jacksonville, Florida was established in 1958, when art collector, garden enthusiast and civic leader Ninah Cummer bequeathed the art collection and riverfront home, which she owned with her husband Arthur, to create an art museum.  

One More Shard Villa Action Shot


Harriet Irgang Alden sets down flaking paint with a warm tacking iron after adhesive has been applied.

Progress at the Villa


Debra Selden examines flaking paint on vaulted ceiling in Shard Villa, Salisbury Vermont.



More Action Shots of the Shard Villa Project


Suki Fredericks and Debra Selden consolidate flaking paint on the ceiling of the Alcove in Shard Villa, Salisbury, Vermont.



During cleaning of surface grime during pilot conservation project at Shard Villa, Salisbury, Vermont.

Restoring the Painted Surfaces in a Second Empire Victorian Era Mansion in Vermont


Harriet Irgang Alden cleans a century of grime from wall painting at Shard Villa in Salisbury Vermont.

Debra Selden applies adhesive through tissue paper to set down flaking paint on vaulted ceiling in the Shard Villa in Salisbury, Vermont.

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