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Rustin and Tiarna Doherty, Chief Conservator at the American Art Museum.

Rustin and Tiarna Doherty, Chief Conservator at the American Art Museum, discussing the discoloration of Titanium White.

Harriet and Rustin visit a Women's Correctional Facility

Here Harriet and Rustin examining a mural at the former Women's Correctional Facility in West Chelsea. 


At the Perez Art Museum Miami to treat a large painting "Die" by Faith Ringgold

The conservation associates gathered at the Perez Art Museum Miami to treat a large painting "Die" by Faith Ringgold. 

From Left to right we have Veronica Romero, Rustin Levenson and Kelly O"Neill

 Below we see Veronica and Kelly flattening the painting between magnets and as the work on in-painting scattered losses through out the composition.

A Week On Locations

One of the great perks of working in Miami is the great views we enjoy when we work on location. Here are some samples of our vistas of the week.

(Below are images taken from Miami Beach, Adventura, and downtown Miami.)

Happy winter everybody!!



Conservation Treatment for the City of St. Petersburg

A beloved WPA mural hanging for more than sixty years on the walls of St. Pete's City Hall, and is undergoing a treatment by the Rustin Levenson Art Conservation crew.


When completed, the canvas will have been properly re-attached to the wall along the bottom and the corners. After removing surface grime with PH balanced aqueous solutions with chelating agents, the areas of flaking paint and paint losses will be retouched.

Readying the Amelia Pelaez Exhibit and the PAMM Permanent Collection for the grand opening on DEC. 4th

Pérez Art Museum Miami officially opens December 4th!! All of us here at RLACA are thrilled to be a part of this historic event. Please visit for more information.


Seeing Through Paintings: Dahesh Museum of Art Salon Thursday, November 7th, 2013

In the informal setting of the Museum’s gift shop, Rustin Levenson gave an illustrated talk about what a conservator does and what conservators, and others, can learn from observations of an artist’s technique and choice of materials.  Using selected examples from the collection of the Dahesh Museum of Art as well as other museum, the audience gained insight into the fascinating but often mysterious world of paintings conservation. The talk was followed by a book signing.



MOBIA and the Dahesh Museum of Art November 7th



MOBIA and the Dahesh Museum of Art present lectures on related themes in conjunction with the exhibition, Sacred Visions: Nineteenth-Century Biblical Art from the Dahesh Museum Collection.

Dahesh Salon Thursdays

Lecture: Seeing through Paintings

Thursday, November 7, 2013
6:30 pm

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