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Home Again After A Thorough RLACA Treatment


Maxfield Parrish’s most celebrated work, “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” has received the royal treatment.

Lecturing the Mellon Fellows at Rutgers' Zimmerli Museum

Rustin Levenson gave a lecture to the Mellon Fellows at Rutgers University's Zimmerli Museum of Art. Here is Rustin with a Marsden Hartley painging, demonstrating the process of condition checking.



Testing Phase


Conservators Harriet Irgang Alden and Debra Selden carry out testing before cleaning a mural in a Queens warehouse.


Dream House XLIII for the Pérez Art Museum in Miami


Here are Stephanie Hornbeck (Objects Conservator) and Rustin Levenson, working on Dream House XLIII for the Perez Art Museum Miami.



Conservation of a 9.5 ft by 12.6 ft mural by Franck Kirchbach

The 1894 canvas mural, entitled "Christ and the Children" by Franck Kirchbach, owned by the Dahesh Museum of Art. is being restored at our New York City studio.

Shown is Ralph Augsburger, Associate Conservator, vacuuming the reverse.

Here is Jean Dommermuth, Associate Conservator, removing old varnish.


Rustin Levenson Art Conservation Crew takes on the American Institute for Conservation Meeting, 2013


Rustin (third from the left) on the panel "Current Challenges and Opportunities in Painting Conservation"


Time Out For Some Celebration

Time to enjoy a lunch celebration at Son Cubano, an interesting eatery recently opened in the ground floor of the building where our New York studio is located.

Ready to dig in, we celebrate the birthday of our crewmember Gary Mike, third from the left. To his right we have Rusty and Randy, and to his left is Ralph, Jean, Joel, and Harriet.

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