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Time Out For Some Celebration

Time to enjoy a lunch celebration at Son Cubano, an interesting eatery recently opened in the ground floor of the building where our New York studio is located.

Ready to dig in, we celebrate the birthday of our crewmember Gary Mike, third from the left. To his right we have Rusty and Randy, and to his left is Ralph, Jean, Joel, and Harriet.

Another Successful Seminar Given on the Treatment of Paintings Damaged by Superstorm Sandy

 Demonstrating Vacuuming of the reverse of a storm damaged painting

Seminar Presented at Pratt Institute for Fire and Soot Damaged Paintings


Rustin working with students whose works were damaged in the fire at Pratt Institute. The workshop was sponsored by Golden Artist Colors with supplies donated by Talas. The paintings were damaged by both smoke and water.


Conservator Yeonjoo Kim Attended a Workshop


Conservator Yeonjoo Kim attended a workshop aimed at using new techniques to remove Hurricane Sandy debris from delicate paint surfaces.  In these photographs she is using methods of testing pH and conductivity to develop micro emulsion cleaning mixtures.

Yeonjoo prepares for cleaning test

Art Care Seminar for Painters


Art Care Seminar for Painters whose works have been affected by Hurricane Sandy

Rustin Levenson Art Conservation Associates is offering afternoon seminars to help artists treat works affected by the storm. The 3 ½ hour seminar will include a short power point presentation on treating paintings affected by water, debris, and mold.  Instructions and demonstrations of treatment techniques will be followed by hands-on training on works brought by the artists.  Artists should bring one small painting for this purpose. Supplies will be available, along with a supply source list, website list, and printed instructions.  If complications of treatments necessitate intervention by a conservator, a proposal and estimate will be written for those artists to use in dealing with granting organizations and insurance companies.
The seminars will be from 1:30-5:00 PM, April 29, in Hoboken, and June 4,5,6,7 at our New York studio. The seminars can accommodate up to five artists and are first come, first served.  Interested artists should email the studio through our website ( with the date they would like to attend.  The seminars are funded by Golden Artist Colors, Inc. ( and conservation supplies are donated by Talas ( There is a $20 charge for participation. 

Appearing at the 101st Annual College Art Association Conference in New York City


Rustin and co-author Andrea Kirsh at the Yale University Press Booth at the College Art Association meeting in New York City.

Inspecting a Cuzco at the Frost Museum of Art

 Here is Rustin looking after a Cuzco at the Frost Museum of Art at Florida International University.

From the Miami Studio: It's hard to retouch where there are peacocks walking around on the roof!

The four peacocks on the roof were bad enough, but out on the lawn there must have been another dozen!! We just love all the "local color."

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